Vital Vessels Products

Vital Vessels is pleased to serve customers in the United States with state-of-the-art Ovum wine fermentation tanks  and Flowform agricultural brewers.

Fine Winemakers
Egg shaped wine tanks are gaining popularity worldwide. The Ovum Magnum series from Vital Vessels has raised the bar on quality, with superior design, fabrication processes and materials. The proof is in the results, being realized by fine winemakers around the world who are increasingly enthusiastic about the benefits of the vortex effect and ceramic vessels.

Small Batch Fermenters
Boutique wine, port, hard cider, kombucha, mead and sake makers are using the Magnum 14 or 43 models for fine-tuned production. Brewers of compost teas and extracts are also seeing excellent results with Ovum tanks.

Restaurants and Homeowners
Restaurants and homeowners find the Ovum 14 to be a distinctively beautiful and decidedly healthy water charging station or wine decanter.

Farmers and Gardeners
Flowform Vortex Brewers are used by small and large-scale growers for agricultural water enhancement and fertilizer mixing. Systems are configurable to meet virtually any garden plot or farming operation requirements, adding a measurable vitality to the water and therefore the plants.