OVUM Egg Shaped Fermentation Vessels

Introducing the Magnum series of egg shaped ceramic fermentation tanks, a fusion of modern fabrication science with classic design and craftsmanship. The iconic egg shape is one of nature’s most remarkable life-enabling forms. It promotes passive convection within, and through the vortex effect allows developing wine to “live and breathe.”

magnum_product-main2MAGNUM 675

Holding 675 litres, the Magnum 675 is designed for large-scale professional winemaking. Arguably the largest slip cast ceramic object ever made, it offers unparalleled quality in its application of the vortex effect for high volume production.

  • Features

    • optimal wall thickness
    • structural integrity and durability
    • the benefits of micro-porosity
    • optimal use of natural materials
    • even heat distribution
    • unobstructed convective fluid motion
    • a crafted snug-fit silicone lid seal
    • an integrated easy-lift lid handle
    • a multi-skin lid for wine displacement and air exclusion
    • easy and effective cleaning
    • registration marks for perfect alignment of egg, lid and stand
  • Fixtures

    • matching slip cast tripod base
    • 8mm silicone cushion between vessel and stand
    • feet protected with 12mm cork & 40mm HDPE
    • ball valve with 316 stainless steel and the choice BSP, BSM, and triclover fittings
  • Specification

    • 675 ltr volume
    • 1.7 mtr total height
    • 1.05 mtr diameter
    • 1.05 x 1.05mtr timber base
    • 360mm top aperture
    • 50mm drain
    • 150kg vessel weight
    • 32kg stand weight



Ovum 14 - Vital Vessels

The ceramic Magnum 43 is ideal for small batch winemaking that realizes the full effect of the vortex design.

The purpose-built stand’s height provides easy access to the contents for monitoring and filling. Magnum 43 is easy to clean and effortless to move. All fixtures are food grade and the 102mm top opening is capped with cork to facilitate the placement of an airlock.

The 43 is supplied with a standard ceramic base.

  • Specification

    • 43ltr volume
    • 575mm total height
    • 410mm diameter
    • 410mm x 280mm stand
    • 102mm top aperture
    • 12mm drain
    • 8kg vessel weight
    • 3.3kg stand weight


The smallest Magnum model, cast in terracotta clay, holds 14 liters – perfect for home winemaking or wine storage. A special version, the Magnum 14 H2O, is fired with a more open porosity, serving as a stylish and health-enhancing water urn.

clay14-008sThe Perfect Water Vessel

The proper storage of drinking water matters for its optimum vitality and health. Water is a life carrier. It is itself alive and needs to be stored in such a way as to enable it to attain and maintain its natural condition. Nature has designed the egg shape for the storage and preservation of life and vital fluids, not only for animal embryos, but for grains, seeds and many organic forms. The egg shape generates a soft etheric energy which it imparts to its contents.

Besides its shape, the material used in the construction of the Ovum Magnum is equally important. Clay, and properly fired ceramic, is porous, which allows water to breathe and to evaporate. Within the porous ovoid vessel, water’s receptive potential is maximized through constant circulation. Evaporative cooling at the outer edges of the container forces cool water to the bottom; warmer water rises up the center. According to Victor Schauberger each 600th part of the water that evaporates, cools the contents of the egg by 1°C/34°F, eventually approaching a temperature of 4°C/39°F.

Home Winemaking

For home winemaking as well as Port, Hard Cider, Kombucha, Mead and Sake production, the 14 offers the ideal, elegant solution combining visual beauty with an energetic function – in the gentle circulation effect of the ovoid shape.

  • Specification

    • 43ltr volume

The Magnum design has multiple inherent advantages over other shapes and materials used in winemaking.

Eggs at Sirromet

For fermentation, maturation/aging and storage, the most distinctive feature of Ovum Magnum – its clay egg-shaped body – produces striking flavor and textural characteristics. The shape promotes a natural convection process that continually flows through the contents of the egg – gently moving the fluid in three dimensions.

Each ceramic vessel is long lasting and creates more consistent results than oak. The ovoid shape and almost vitreous body provide far better all-round convection and oxidation qualities than steel. The continuous flow of the fermenting wine assures maximum particulate surface area exposure, thus keeping the fluid in contact with yeast for a longer time without the risk of sulfur aromas. As the wine ferments and carbon dioxide rises to the surface, the natural circulation of the liquid keeps lees (solids) in suspension, as opposed to settling on a flat bottom. This gives the finished wine greater texture and mouth feel.

  • grape-egg-pourperfect for fermentation, maturation and storage
  • stable, easy-to-use and handle
  • very long-lasting and durable
  • hygienic and easy to clean
  • produces innovative, repeatable results
  • enhances bio-dynamic winemaking
  • no external refrigeration required
  • creates a sophisticated range of taste and textural effects.


Winemakers state that Magnum ceramic vessels produce results that:

  • are fine through the palette
  • have an impressive width on the finish
  • add diverse complexity to wines
  • show a different, textural quality
  • yield fine minerality
  • give positive maturation


The Ovum vessels have been fashioned by master designer Philip Sedgman, whose experience working with vintners combined with his knowledge of energetic geometries and containment tanks set the stage for this revolution in the fermentation arts.

All Magnum models are fabricated from food grade materials. The exacting dimensions and fabrication process assures structural integrity and micro porosity is retained in the 12mm thick ceramic walls. Ceramic bases are available for all models.